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Rajan Maaluja is an example of expressive arts and a painter of global notoriety. He has conducted many exhibitions and shows of his works of art in India and in other countries too, like the U.S., U. K., Italy, France and more. He has dominated different fields of expressive arts, like picture painting, oil painting, dynamic work of art, charcoal artwork, Tanjore painting and contemporary workmanship. He has formed a group of sprouting craftsmen called RAJAN MAALUJA ARTS.
Early Life
Rajan Maaluja got keen on drawing and painting from fifth grade itself. As a youngster, he adored making works of art of Hindu Deities, primarily Lord Krishna and Lord Ganapati. His fascination with expressive arts continued expanding as he continued to move up in his school instruction. Before long he understood that fate has decided for him Fine Arts as his career. So after his tutoring, he joined Rajasthan School of Arts Jaipur, for a long term degree course.
About Us Art is infinite. When it comes to India, here you will find artists step by step. Know the journey of famous painter Rajan Maluja, who is fascinated by his wonderful art, in his own words watch On Yotube Studio
Rajan Maluuja Arts

Specialists in Portrait Artist & Sketch in Delhi NCR Our Remarkable Work

Portrait Painting

Portrait PaintingRajan Maaluja Arts

Portrait painting is an art to recreate you physically and emotionally on the canvas. Rajan Maaluja 's are known to be the Masters of this art.

Coloured Sketches

Coloured Sketches Rajan Maaluja Arts

Coloured pencils are a fun and versatile medium. They’re great for capturing fine detail and give the artist a great degree of control.



We've arranged our top ways to work with this flexible medium and capitalizing on your sticks and pencils.

Rajan Maaluja Arts

Illustration Rajan Maaluja Arts

A sketch is a quickly executed freehand drawing that isn't normally planned as a completed work.

Thanjavur By Rajan Maaluja Arts

Thanjavur Painting Rajan Maaluja Arts

Thanjavur or Tanjore as it is dotingly called has a satiate of motivations to flaunt its social legacy.

Rajan Maaluja Arts

SCULPTURE Rajan Maaluja Arts

You can make sculpture by carving, modelling or assembly. This art originated in ancient Greece.

Rajan Maaluja Arts

ARMY PORTRAIT Rajan Maaluja Arts

Army Portrait painting with close-up pictures of one or a gathering of individuals. Truth be told, the painting focuses on portraying the feelings and thoughts of the person.

Relief Art Rajan Maaluja Arts

Relief Artwork Rajan Maaluja Arts

Relief paste is utilized in the food sector, industrial area, rural fields, specialized drawing, leisure activity works in day to day existence, and numerous different regions.

Rajan Maaluja Arts

Handmade Caricature Rajan Maaluja Arts

As kids, it used to be captivating to see huge headed, small body versions of so many eminent individuals from famous actors and recognize them despite their peculiar shapes.

Our Work Process Photograph to portrait artist & Sketch Process by
Rajan Maluuja Arts

who m i ? About Us

Rajan Maaluja has been winning First Prizes in different canvas rivalries. In school in the entirety of his classes, he was No. 1 in drawing and painting. In school additionally, he was perceived as an undisputed No. 1 compelling artwork student.

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  • +91-9136165775
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